What We Do


United Capital Trustees has been the leading Trust institution in Nigeria for over 5 decades. Our Clients rely on us to offer only first-class trust services that suit their short- and long-term needs. We play a key role in Capital Market, Corporate, Public and Private Trust transactions, protecting the interests of Lenders, Borrowers, Investors, Beneficiaries and ensuring safe custody of assets.

Our sole business is trusteeship and we play a key role in major financing transactions, charged with protecting the interests of Lenders and Investors, keeping custody of assets, documents, rights, shares, funds and other holdings in financial transactions. We possess quality, depth and extensive experience in a wide range of money, capital market and real estate transactions, with Trust mandates in excess of N5.9 trillion and clear leadership across products: Debenture Trusts, Mutual Funds, Bonds and REITS.