What We Do


United Capital Securities Limited is a dealing member of the Nigerian Stock Exchange (NSE) and registered by the Securities & Exchange Commission (SEC) as a Broker/Dealer.

We are one of the few selected Supplemental Market Makers (SMM) and Designated Advisers by the Nigerian Stock Exchange. United Capital Securities is also a registered dealing member of NASD OTC Plc enabling us to deal in over-the-counter Equity and Fixed Income Securities.

We create value by offering execution services underpinned by reliable IT processes and seasoned personnel overseeing these processes. With InvestNow, a premium trading platform, we have also leveraged technology to provide instant trading capabilities to our clients from their devices. We also have dedicated teams focused on the sales of equity and fixed income securities respectively. Our robust research team is dedicated to helping clients make informed decisions that lead to maximized investment returns. Our Securities & Trading business provides access to primary market opportunities for listed equities (IPOs, Right Issues, Offer for Sale and Offer for Subscription) and fixed income securities (Bonds and Treasury bills). Also, we offer secondary market trading services for Clients who want to buy and sell their listed Shares and Bonds on the floor of the Nigerian Stock Exchange.