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5 things you should know about InvestNow February 7, 2019


Even though we’ll hardly ever talk about it openly, lots of people, young and old, are constantly worried about money. Do I have enough? How long do I have to save for? Why does my money run out so quickly? What can I do to make more money?

We frequently find that we are able to make accurate budgets, and financial plans, but the headache comes when it’s time to live by these budgets. So, how do we manage our money such that we can support our expenditure with our income, and still be able to put something away as savings? Furthermore, how can we ‘sweat’ our savings as it were, such that the money we have saved can bring in more money? Saving and investing are very important habits to develop for people looking to be more financially free, and one such solution is the InvestNow digital platform. InvestNow offers you a variety of investing options depending on your specific financial goals, your appetite for risk and how long you are looking to invest for.

Here are 5 things about InvestNow that you need to know, as you begin your investing journey:

Premium all-in-one investing platform:

The robust bouquet of investment products available on the platform caters to prospective investors with all kinds of needs and appetites. From university students, to young workers, to high net worth individuals, to corporate clients. Everyone will find a product that suits his or her needs and kickstart a strong investment portfolio. On top of this, InvestNow is powered by United Capital Plc, an investment banking, asset management, trustees and securities company with operations spanning more than 50 years. They provide technical support and financial advisory services to clients to ensure that a client is paired with the right investing instrument.

Capital Preservation:

Some products available on InvestNow offer capital preservation, which is essentially an assurance that regardless of market flows and ebbs, the initial money invested by the client is secure. This means that if you invest 10 thousand naira on a product with capital preservation, your 10 thousand naira is safe, will not diminish and can be liquidated at any time.

Recurrent Funding:

Recurrent funding is a feature that allows you to connect your regular checking account to your InvestNow account and authorize InvestNow to receive a stipulated amount from your regular account into your investment at regular intervals. This helps you make regular investments without any extra effort on your part. In actual practice, it requires some discipline to constantly invest a certain amount on a regular basis, so the Recurrent Funding feature is valuable, convenient and in your best interest. It is also flexible, as you can mandate InvestNow to collect funds from your account regularly but skip a particular day, week or month, perhaps for emergency reasons.

Live Trading with Stock Recommendations:

Before now, if you were interested in investing and trading on the stock market, you would need to constantly watch the news for changes in prices of stocks. If you either buy or sell stocks, you would have to send a mail to the customer care centre of your investing house. However, with Investnow an individual can monitor and get live trading stock recommendations which they can use to make urgent purchases of stocks they are interested in.

Secure, high fidelity investing from your phone:

We have come a long way from the days of long queues at the banking halls to withdraw cash, to long queues at the ATM machine to withdraw cash (these queues persist sometimes, sadly). Now, you can invest money in lucrative stocks or mutual funds from your mobile phone. InvestNow has simply leveraged on the prevalent technology of mobile to facilitate a lot of these investing processes. One shining example is the Money Market Fund. You can download the InvestNow mobile app, subscribe to the fund with the sum of N10,000, make investments in the fund, and receive updates on your returns on a regular basis, without having to see a single staff or walk into any of our offices. Also, because the investment products on InvestNow are regulated, there are no hidden charges and the whole process flows with the highest integrity.

When it comes to investing, the InvestNow digital platform provides a solid list of products to choose from, ease of use, and a willing, experienced guidance system. These assets make all the difference to new investors and subsisting investors that need to make the Intelligent choice as it relates to their finances. They are the promise of an exciting journey for the customer.

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