About Us

Human Resources

We are H.E.I.R.S to great financial success!

At United Capital, we understand the importance a thriving working environment for our employees. We take our staff issues close to our hearts. We would help you grow, inspire you, and support you in every step you take towards achieving your career goals and objectives.

Our HEIRS core values (Execution, Enterprise and Excellence) are implemented into every aspect of our business operations.

Being an employer of choice goes a long way beyond paying competitive salaries. To us it entails providing good welfare for our staff, training, listening, mentoring, and fostering an environment for our employees to thrive.

Apart from the basic monthly salary, there are other benefits that can make life easier and employees smile. We have a competitive health insurance from Avon HMO which would cater for your health needs and those of your immediate family members free of charge. We also give bonuses at the end of our financial year. Our competitive loan scheme attracts very little interest compared to those of the banks.