Live Stock Price List
    Mutual Funds Price List - 12.10.2018 18.10.2018
    • United Capital Balanced Fund - Offer 1.1747 Bid 1.1670
    • United Capital Bond Fund - Offer 1.5642 Bid 1.5642
    • United Capital Equity Fund - Offer 0.7055 Bid 0.6922
    • United Capital Money Market Fund - Offer 1.0000 Bid 1.0000
    • United Capital Wealth for Women Fund - Offer 1.0789 Bid 1.0721
    • United Capital Euro Bond Fund - Offer 105.2025 Bid 105.2025


    Our Investment Banking division is revered for its track record in executing complex transactions across the African continent.


    United Capital Asset Management provides innovative and customized investment services through a suite of services.


    United Capital Trustees is the leading Nigerian Trustee with over 50 years of experience in Trust services with a key role in financing transactions.


    Our Securities division provides our clients direct access to primary market opportunities for listed equities and fixed income securities.