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Mutual Funds

A mutual fund (or unit trust) is an investment vehicle that pools the money of many individuals to invest in stocks, bonds, money market securities, real estate or some combination of these.

Think of a mutual fund like a basket of investments. When you purchase a share in a mutual fund you are buying one share of this basket and therefore have a stake in one small fraction of all the investments in that fund.

The fund manager professionally manages the funds and spreads it on stocks, money markets, bonds and real estate. Instead of investing in only one investment instrument they diversify it based on the policy of the fund manager.

Nigerian Eurobond Fund

The United Capital Nigerian Eurobond Fund is an open-ended mutual fund that will be invested in Dollar denominated Eurobonds, floated by the Federal Government of Nigeria, Nigerian top tier banks, and corporates. Subscribers can expect to receive competitive short to medium term capital appreciation on their USD holdings invested in the Fund. Investors can start with a minimum of 10 units (USD$100 per unit price) and multiples of 5 units thereafter. For more information about the fund , click here


Wealth for Women Fund

The United Capital Wealth for Women Fund, aims to encourage women to imbibe a savings culture, provide an avenue for women to be financially independent, and create a sustainable foundation for women’s financial empowerment and development in Nigeria. A maximum of 80%of the Fund’s assets will be invested primarily in Naira denominated fixed income and high yielding instruments and 20% will be invested in carefully selected quoted stocks from the Nigerian Stock Exchange. The Fund will invest in businesses who have women as majority of their management team (public companies only). Subscriptions can start as low as N10,000 with multiples of N5,000 thereafter. For more information about the fund , click here


Balanced Fund

Offers you the benefit of a diversified portfolio of securities that cuts across the different asset classes. These are appropriate for investors looking for growth without taking too much risk. These funds are also partly affected by fluctuations of share prices in the stock markets.


Bond Fund

The Fund’s assets are invested in Federal Government Bonds, Corporate Bonds and high quality money market securities. These funds are not affected by the fluctuations in the equity markets. However opportunities of capital appreciation are also limited in such funds.


Equity Fund

Investment in quoted equities that are traded on the NSE and can achieve high returns over short and long-term periods. Equity schemes are suitable for investors having a long-term outlook, which seeks appreciation over a period of time, but could be affected by fluctuations of stock prices.


Money Market Fund

This type of Fund allows you to invest in high quality money market instruments like Treasury Bills and Certificates, Commercial Papers and Banker’s Acceptance. They are also income funds and provide easy liquidity, preservation of capital and moderate income. Such funds are appropriate for corporate and individual investors as a means to park their surplus funds for short periods of time.


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